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Search results

  1. New Tesla charging location

    The Ypsilanti location is now letting other vehicles charge there.
  2. Home service visit

    My dealer called me today to inform me that they are able to come to my house and do the mat replacement csp. Sweet! He said he would have it done in about a minute even though he scheduled me for a 30 minute visit. Is this something ford is doing now? Emulating Tesla? I like it!
  3. Old and new

    Photo at Dunkin donuts. 1929 model A and my 2022 lightning!
  4. 23H01

    I just turned my truck in for the 23h01 recall. I was told it will take 10 or more days to repair. Those of you that’s had this done already does this seem like the correct amount of time that was needed?
  5. Not charging

    My lightning won’t charge. I’ve tried 3 different chargers so that’s not the issue. My current charge is 80%. I normally charge to 90%. I deleted ford pass and reinstalled. That didnt help. In fact, I lost my saved and previous charge locations. Even without those it should still charge when...
  6. What’s this indication?

    I’ve looked in the manual and I couldn’t find what this second mileage number is. Can anyone enlighten me? The 194 mile one. Thanks!
  7. Wave 2 Lightning Order Invitations

    When does wave 2 start? I’m guessing January 20th.