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  1. AP Article: Charging Cable Thefts Hurting EV Market

    I can't wait to have to deal with the cable leaking liquid coolant into my frunk! I very much doubt they'd ever do this if the cables still require liquid cooling.
  2. I’ll miss my Lightning

    What did the insurance give you for it?
  3. Things I forgot to bring on towing road trip

    You'll need to find this post/claim, because I'm 99.99% certain it is not the case. I think I was the first one on this forum (or at least post about) to try using a TT-30 and J booster 2 years ago at a campground and a bunch of us basically confirmed the truck doesn't allowing anything more...
  4. Camping with the Lightning and Kodiak Canvas truck tent

    2 years in and nothing to show for this, I do not have my hopes up for what seems like a 'simple' request. I don't remember what the baseline power draw is while the vehicle is on and everything possible turned off (lights, screens, HVAC)... definitely not zero and adds up over a 2-5 day camping...
  5. Dealer screwed up tax credit paperwork (Post 62)

    Wow. So in that case my feeling would be: 1) Return vehicle if still in period that is an option. 2) Firmly tell the dealer they need to pay you a $7500 refund 3) Get ready to sue them for the $7500? At least consult with a lawyer to see if that is even a possible thing you could win.
  6. Dealer screwed up tax credit paperwork (Post 62)

    I'd almost say call again and talk to another agent... a requirement to report the sale within 3 days seems a little bonkers to me.
  7. Ford ended retail cash rebates?

    Funny thing, I've never seen a sales person so delayed and/or not interested in trying to sell a vehicle... I inquired about a 2023 Lariat ER and got a bunch of automated emails over a week or so, I replied to the last one and then the sales person just didn't want to answer any of my questions...
  8. Why switch adapters now?

    So I agree with what you are saying but, not being an engineer, I don't think you've stated anything that I think would be impossible to rectify/design around... including redesigning the whole HIS (with a very obvious solution to the delay being include another battery for the instantaneous...
  9. Why switch adapters now?

    Can you explain what you mean/why this would be the case? I can't think of an issue with doing this off the top of my head.
  10. Introduction to J+ BOOSTER 2 EV Charger + Exclusive Discount

    Are we going to get the booster 3 air? Honestly more interested in that... I bought the booster 2 when I first got my truck but returned it as the whole setup is rather large, and also the fact that my use case for it charging off TT-30 ended up not working with our trucks (which limit 120v to...
  11. Trading XLT SR TO ER

    I don't think this is likely. Even with Ford cutting production I am betting that you will not see demand meet their current production, ie new trucks are going to sit on the lot and have steep incentives keeping prices down on used trucks.
  12. 2024 F-150 Lightning Orders Open w/ New Tech Updates, Lower Pricing Under $70K MSRP [Updated with SPECS Sheet]

    Maybe the 2023 was different, I'm 99% certain it was like $9-10k for my 2022 ordered in February of 2022.
  13. 2024 F-150 Lightning Orders Open w/ New Tech Updates, Lower Pricing Under $70K MSRP [Updated with SPECS Sheet]

    I mean, at the time I ordered the ER was basically a $20k option since it required me to by the XLT tech package or whatever it was... at the time I definitely would've done $10k for the ER, but did not feel the extra $10k on top of that was nearly worth it. I am fully expecting the 2024 XLT...
  14. Comma AI self driver assistant

    What's the cost for 300 units? Can count me in for an order if it is actually viable/cost effective compared to 3D printing.
  15. Pro transformed to XLT/Lariat Lightning - my DIY build

    How difficult was this? Did you run into issues with fit? I've been interested in potentially trying to do ventilated seats in addition to switching to heating on my XLT (cloth).
  16. Comma AI self driver assistant

    Type Q4 in the search instead of Ford... or if you type in Ford/scroll you need to go to the bottom as it is found under a second section called "Development Harnesses"... the full name is "Ford Q4 Harness".
  17. NACS Adapter Now Available + Ford EV Owners Can Now Charge on Tesla Superchargers in U.S., Canada! 🙌

    Still beat me :D Just ordered. Not sure I'm going to be using it anyway, I still have another 1.5 years of free EA so I will continue to try and use them for any trips.
  18. Ford Announces Huge 2023 F-150 Lightning Cash Bonus Incentives for Certain Models

    120kw for standard? Did they change something between 2022 and 2023? My SR 2022 will hit max ~170kw for a bit.
  19. 3 Common Mistakes That May Harm Your EV Battery - Engineering Explained

    Just to be clear, 1C for SR would be ~107kw and ER ~143kw? Our batteries actually cycle through those rates quite a bit during day to day driving... granted most of it is pretty short lived, but maintaining speed (particularly at highway speeds) can still be 50-100kw (off the top of my head)...