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  1. Towing Over 5000lbs Capacity (7000lbs Camper)

    You may want to forego the A/C when towing so as to maximize range as well (depending on your heat tolerance and local climate).
  2. Anybody have experience with the Pro SSV package?

    I am casually on the lookout to upgrade my Pro to have the larger battery (ER) which was only available via fleet orders, but sometimes available when dealers have undelivered fleet orders, etc. Searching the internet listings, I came across a Lightning Pro "SSV" with the larger battery. SSV =...
  3. Tesla Adapter overview from Tom

    There are several areas that can get hot that could be sensitive to ambient temp. 1. Could be the Truck itself detecting its battery temps and requesting lower power. The issue is observed in several models and brands of vehicles (including Teslas) so suspect the vehicle is not the limiting...
  4. Tesla Adapter overview from Tom

    My understanding is that the Tesla Supercharger handle temp causes it to reduce power on the charger side. I don't think there is a capability in the protocol for intermediate adapters to communicate in a way to request lower power. I think adapters can only shut down the whole connection if...
  5. Tesla Adapter overview from Tom

    Reports of derating happening with Tesla adapters and Magic Dock with Rivian and Ford due to the Handle temp . The Tesla wet rag trick helps and so does cooler weather. Anecdotally could be less derating with the A2Z, but nothing definitive. Hoping somebody does an objective investigation...
  6. Tesla Adapter overview from Tom

    Disappointing he did not discuss the charge rate throttling differences amongst the adapters. I suspect the lower temp on the Tesla adapter is due to the throttling of the charge current - likely being limited by the temp limit setpoint of the NACS handle.
  7. No heat and no fumes when attaching and dropping trailers.

    The other day, I was attaching my utility trailer to my Lightning, and I contemplated did I even need to be turning the truck "off". I realized that it wasn't even an issue. In the bad old days of connecting trailers with an ICE vehicle, every time you have to hop out of the truck to mess with...
  8. Towing a 5,500 lbs boat without Max Tow... it's been great!

    I love the easy torque when the Lightning just quietly walks up the wet ramp while easily pulling the boat out with no engine rev noises, no wheel spin (locked rear diff.), and no drama whatsoever. However, the reverse pinging noise is kind of annoying when backing the trailer into the water.
  9. I just had my best Supercharger session

    Other places on the internet are reporting de-rating with the Tesla-built adapters on Rivian and better performance with the A2Z.
  10. Got my invitation to order a Cybertruck today

    Got my Cybertruck invite a few months back. But while I was waiting for the Cybertruck, I ended up buying a Lightning Pro and have been driving it for almost 2 years now. Not that the Cybertruck is all that bad - it seems to be a very capable EV truck. A couple things that would be a step...
  11. Things I forgot to bring on towing road trip

    Yep. I used a lock with a longer shackle and secured the safety chain ends in the same padlock used to secure the hitch. Of course a portable angle grinder with a cut-off grit wheel can cut the lock apart in seconds. But when charging, I am more worried about a crime of convenience more than...
  12. Ford Cancels Model E Program, Letting All US Dealers Sell EVs

    Dealership model big fail is that they are all inherently locked into short term thinking. They only care about what they sell today, right now. Easiest sale right now is a proven track record product like an ICE F150, or an ICE Explorer. No customer education needed. Dealers actually...
  13. Update: F-150 Lightning Fast Charging Tesla Adapters Start Shipping TODAY Per Ford!

    Mine also arrived Yesterday (6/11). Also ordered on 2/29. Order FAE:90003134
  14. Things I forgot to bring on towing road trip

    Yeah, I got lucky they had 50 amp x 240v hookups available at the resort I was at.
  15. Things I forgot to bring on towing road trip

    12 x 120 = 1.4 kW which will get you 65 kWh in a weekend which is 20-80% on the SR. Would need a 3 day weekend for 20-80% on the ER. "Hey Boss, I need to spend another couple of days here at the fishing resort on the lake while my truck charges. Will be back in the office on Wednesday. Thanks."
  16. Things I forgot to bring on towing road trip

    On my road trip towing my boat this past weekend, there were some things I wish I had brought with me: Wheel chocks to use when its necessary to unhitch the trailer during charging in a parking lot that might not be exactly level. I ended up improvising using an extra set of shoes as chocks...
  17. Towing Into Headwind

    Yep. Also, I probably should add a spare to the trailer if going to be doing more road trips.
  18. Towing Into Headwind

    Was varied between 60 to 70 MPH depending on traffic.
  19. Tesla Supercharger & A2Z Typhoon Test

    I used the Tesla pull-in-forward spots with the charger along the left side a couple times on my trip this past weekend. I figured sticking out a few feet into the driving lane was less objectionable than taking two spots. It was an annoying balance between pulling forward as far as possible...