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  1. What other EV do you own?

    Owned a Chevy Volt & traded it in on my Lightning. Since then I've recently purchased a Tesla Model YLR.
  2. Kansas FCSP For Sale

    I had it wired on a 100 amp service set to charge at 80 amp.
  3. Kansas FCSP For Sale

    Yes it is.
  4. Kansas FCSP For Sale

    I’ve used it right at a year. It works perfect. I bought a Tesla so decided to go with their universal charger & didn’t need two chargers. Too bad I happen to be in KC today I could have brought it if you wanted it.
  5. Ford Trailer Camera and TPMS works great!

    Thanks. I had my share of that also. 😊[ QUOTE="Yellow Buddy, post: 385135, member: 10342"] My spotter likes to yell left and right without any consideration for which way they’re facing and has never once said stop. My backup camera has allowed me to stay married to my spotter. I’m sorry to...
  6. Ford Trailer Camera and TPMS works great!

    I lost my spotter to cancer so now need to be able to back into spots without that help. The camera will be of great help.
  7. Kansas FCSP For Sale

  8. Ford Trailer Camera and TPMS works great!

    I looked on Ford's website & cannot find this available from Ford anymore. Has this been discontinued? I would like to set this up with my camper.
  9. Kansas FCSP For Sale

    I have a used FCSP for Sale $300 & you pay for shipping. It's in perfect working order. Everything that came with charger is included. OBO
  10. Electrician wants to put in a Disconnect for the FCSP

    It was the code here to have the disconnect. I'm quite happy that's the case.
  11. A2Z Typhoon NACS adapter for sale

    I'd give you $100 for it & pass it on to the next person for free & I'd pay the shipping, like is being done in another thread if you're interested.
  12. Anyone need a NACS adapter?

    I have a June expected delivery for my adapter. I"ve been contemplating ordering the A2Z or the Lectron adapter but a little uncomfortable using an off brand on the rare chance you'd have a problem with it. I have a trip to Utah from Kansas scheduled in June so it's touch & go whether I'll...
  13. Ford Pass Update 5.0.0 -- Limited Public Beta Release [closed]

    It showed up in Fordpass to Try new version. Nothing that said it was Beta or the version number. It is Version 5.0 It looks like it's probably moved from Beta to a full release.
  14. The number of DCFC chargers is exploding!!

    The Flying J in Emporia KS was awarded NEVI funding
  15. Post a picture of your current vehicle

    Same thing happens on gas engines. You just have a bigger tank. My Silverado goes from 18-20 mpg to 7-8 mpg when towing.
  16. Post a picture of your current vehicle

    I've towed the camper & a cargo trailer & know it's limits. I do have the extended range battery. We are retired & take our time when we travel. I've taken the camper to a campsite 95 miles away a couple of times. I can get about 125 miles with this combination through a pretty hilly area...
  17. Apple Maps navigation and charging settings

    I switch over to google maps in that situation because Apple Maps is so annoying and would route you to bizarre routes to get a charge.
  18. Caution using heated seats, rear heated seat fire, [Not an EV Fire]

    I know we don’t think clearly when things hit the fan but as stated earlier don’t look for an exit ramp. If there is a parking lane on the side of the road that’s your best bet. Turn on your emergency flashers & get out. If no parking lane pull over to the side & get out as mentioned. That’s...