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  1. Pics of Lightning Trucks Doing Truck Things. Got Any? 📸

    Hauling busted concrete to the dump.
  2. 🙋‍♂️ What Did You Do To Your Lightning Today?

    Hauled concrete stairs to the land fill!
  3. F-Yeah!!! Update your Fordpass App Superchargers are there!

    I can’t see SC you mentioned available for us to use on the Tesla app. Awesome that it’s available!
  4. Update: F-150 Lightning Fast Charging Tesla Adapters Start Shipping TODAY Per Ford!

    Looks like mine is arriving today. No email from ford yet. Just a notification from fedex.
  5. How much your insurance has increased in the past year?

    Michigan is the same. Senior driver, no tickets or claims, 25 percent increase.
  6. Diamondback SE hard tonneau cover installed!

    I’ve had mine on for over a year. It’s never leaked or had any issues. My tailgate closes automatically without any assistance.
  7. Had to call for a fob to start the Lightning

    Same. Keyfob in faraday bag locked in console vault.
  8. Chest fridge for frunk

    This place has all kinds of nets. https://www.organizedobie.com/shop-by-product-type/rv-motorhome.html
  9. Diamondback Switchback Review

    Had my diamondback se for almost a year. Very good cover. Highly recommended!
  10. The number of DCFC chargers is exploding!!

    What happened to all of the coming soon chargers that pilot/flying j was going to install?They’re no longer listed on PlugShare.
  11. OEM Mudflap Design update (maybe?). No more drilling required

    If anyone is willing to pay shipping I have a pair of oem lightning mudflaps. I’m not sure if they’re front or back. If interested I’ll dig them out of the garage and let you know for sure. Ford sent an extra pair when I ordered mine.
  12. Cruise control and speed limit signage

    Turn off speed sign recognition
  13. New Tesla charging location

    The Ypsilanti location is now letting other vehicles charge there.