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  1. Transfer Switch

    I have not done anything yet, but after listening and consuming the Information from other regarding Ground Pin removal to use a whole panel interlock and generator inlet... For my scenario with an existing 50A inlet and interlock, I was thinking if I did need to do this (for whatever reason...
  2. Venting heat through moonroof

    I do this as well... but thats really besides the point. Fact is being able to have the roof cracked and have the shade mostly closed would provide additional airflow and would be a beneficial option. A real software pipe dream would be... being able to adjust all your windows, sunroof, and...
  3. FordPass 5.0.2, Target Charge not taking

    same for me (iOS 17.5.1, FordPass 5.02) for my issue over the weekend where my manual charge blew right past the 70% limit setting.
  4. FordPass 5.0.2, Target Charge not taking

    Today I triggered a manual “charge to” session today with a 70% target. Went for a drive and to my surprise it was at 92%…. And I’m sure would have went right to 100% if I hadn’t been happening to be going for a random drive. What a joke. Cmon @Ford Motor Company do better.
  5. Tesla adapter ETA?

    It's more than the agreement. Many have an agreement in place. It requires the Software & Charging teams for both Tesla and (insert other OEM here) to work together to develop the backend workflow which I'm fairly certain relies on a certificate exchange to validate the vehicle is authorized...
  6. Tesla adapter ETA?

    One, if not several journalist/Youtubers tried this when they first got the adapters and it did not work With non-authorized vehicles
  7. Tesla adapter ETA?

    I am fairly certain that is not accurate, unless you are referring to "Magic Dock Superchargers". For v3 NACS enabled units there is a handshake protocol over the comms that will grant the charge to authorized vehicles which are limited to Tesla, Ford, and Rivian...
  8. Improved competition: 2025 Rivian R1T (Gen 2) gets big upgrades

    Great to see the innovation, their software (vertically integrated hardware/software similar to Tesla) is super impressive.... but one massive problem for me. The R1T is closer to mid-size truck than a full size. Thus I dont consider it a competitor in the Full Size Truck department. That...
  9. FordPass app closing in background IOS

    Same happens to me all the time. However, I just need to "wake my phone", I dont need to open the Fordpass app. It happened on the old version as well. I dont think it was always that way though, it did work for a period of time Im fairly certain. It's definitely been plaguing me for 6 months...
  10. Ford EV sales are up, with Lightning sales up 91%! (May 2024 numbers)

    ~99% 2023's. I dont even think anyone that participates on this forum has a 2024. There was a stop shipment from 2/9 to 4/16 for a "new quality check process". Knowing how painful and slow the transportation can be... a good amount of those that have shipped are probably scattered throughout...
  11. Ford EV sales are up, with Lightning sales up 91%! (May 2024 numbers)

    Technically not a reduction in price, but additional Ford incentives, but yes, the out the door price was substantially cheaper for some models. (namely XLT ER) in Q1 2024 and I would say the primary reason for the increase in sales There are 6 NEVI / IRA chargers currently operating in the...
  12. Tesla adapter ETA?

    Looks like the former CEO "failed upwards". Cause of course.... "Electrify America’s current president and CEO Giovani Palazzo joined in 2018 and was a part of the network’s first rollout of EV charging stations, helping grow EA to over 800 stations home to 3,500 chargers in his five year...
  13. Tesla adapter ETA?

    lol... I didnt realize that. my bad I Should have read closer. I saw the "since 2018" and figured that was the case as CEO. Either way my point is why dont the Electrify America or EVGo CEO's take the hate? Should that not be where it is being directed?
  14. BC1.4 is coming soon in early 2024 according to Ford FAQ

    I'm hoping for Pro Power onboard mode (i.e. Truck not on) that the 2024's apparently have. That is the most important potential update to me. That and probably KW display after that, just out of principal. 1) not expecting it soon, and really not sure it will be all that much better. For...
  15. Tesla adapter ETA?

    I find it a bit ironic that so many are desperate to get access to Tesla's network, yet they criticize Elon for absolutely everything and name call him specifically. Why isn't Robert Barrosa an "e-douce" for running what many ev owners consider to be a completely inept company?
  16. Tesla adapter ETA?

    Like him, indifferent, or hate him. I think most agree Elon is a bit erratic and sometimes harsh in behavior. It has explicitly been said that 3rd party adapters are not authorized by Tesla or Ford. With that said, I would personally be a bit the potential of a ban of use of the supercharger...
  17. What is more valuable, dual chargers or heat pump for a MN driver?

    heat pump is not going to fix that. Winter range reduction is much more than cabin heat use. On a 2022 or 2023 the resistive heater is 7kw. So if your sub-freezing hwy MPK is 1.6 (that is 210 range on an ER). So at 70 mile per hour you can drive for 3 hours if fully depleting a 100% battery...
  18. What is more valuable, dual chargers or heat pump for a MN driver?

    This 💯. If there is a decent savings on the 2023 take the savings. also, No 2024s are on the road yet that I am aware so it will be many months before anyone really can test in frigid conditions to see how this heat pump truly helps. It’s a Complete unknown at this point. that said, I do...
  19. Inside EVs Podcast: Ford EV VP Celebrates F-150 Lightning Anniversary

    if I'm being honest... it was pretty substance less. Lots of vague marketing like speak. Tom nailed it when he stated after the interview when the group was chatting ... "I think the majority of the investment like with the software is being made in the next gen vehicles."
  20. Inside EVs Podcast: Ford EV VP Celebrates F-150 Lightning Anniversary

    Darren Palmer Ford EV VP on the Inside EVs podcast, posted today.