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  1. Ford performance tune for standard range lightning

    The greater horsepower is the result of the larger battery pack. It’s not a “tune” that can be installed
  2. Farley says Level 3 Autonomous Driving in 2026

    I love Blue Cruise and enjoying the 3 year subscription that came with my 2023, but if Ford wants me to pay for it, I want to see them deliver on their promised software updates. BC 1.3/1.4/2.0… show us that improvements are coming.
  3. Waiting for a “June” adapter?

    As we come up to mid-June, I was curious to see if anyone with an estimated ship date of June got their adapter yet.
  4. Tesla adapter ETA?

    Use this link to see the status of your adapter. https://www.ford.com/myaccount/account-dashboard?connectedservices=true&keyName=chargeradapterstatus
  5. Wireless Phone Charging Pad

    I have had no issues with my 14pro in over 24k miles of driving. Phone seems to like it best with the bottom of the phone pointed to the driver and over by about 5mm to the right from the left edge of the pad. Official MagSafe leather and clear plastic cases.
  6. This could be the T3 design

    The T3 is a unibody truck design... and delayed, if not shelved. The Pike's Peak F150 Lightning is a special like the switchback was.
  7. How upside down is everyone and how do you feel about it?

    yep. This is why I am planning to own it for a decade. The initial depreciation hit is out of the way. I am getting value out of it by driving it. 👍
  8. How upside down is everyone and how do you feel about it?

    If you want to mitigate this kind of risk, a substantial down payment really goes a long way to avoid being upside down. In the absence of that, gap insurance helps some folks sleep at night. Truth be told, unless you are trying to sell it or trade it in, it really doesn't matter how it...
  9. Silverado EV spotted

    Jalopnik Review of the Silverado EV is pretty scathing... https://jalopnik.com/2024-chevrolet-silverado-ev-rst-s-good-ideas-are-oversh-1851496588 Maybe a full-size pickup truck shouldn't weigh 9000lbs.
  10. FordPass Update 5.0.0 -- Complete Redesign [5.0.3] bug-fix

    It appears that remote start, which started the HVAC before, has now been replaced by an fan button like other EVs.
  11. Charging Profile at Tesla Supercharger with NACS adapter

    It should be noted that until the Superchargers become available in the navigation, the truck isn’t doing any preconditioning before arrival at the charger. If you’re coming off of the highway after traveling a couple hundred miles, this isn’t a big deal, because you’re all warmed up anyway...
  12. What folks with failed HVB modules have in common

    You've got an 8 year/100k mile warranty on the pack. I wouldn't lose much sleep over it.
  13. Any problems at Tesla Supercharger with A2Z?

    I have charged my F150 Lightning at Tesla Superchargers dozen times now. Yes, I am a road tripper and making the most of the membership. It doesn't matter what PlugShare or ABRP says. If it's not shown in the TESLA app as NACS adapter compatible site, you can't charge there. Do check PlugShare...
  14. Squirrelly Steering Near Max Payload

    This is nothing new. My 1970 F100 would do the same thing overloaded, especially with weight aft of the rear axle.
  15. Tesla fires whole Supercharger team [Update: Musk says supercharger growth will continue]

    Yep, the choices are key. To be clear, there are 1382 Tesla V3 Supercharger locations in the US. There are 900 EA locations. Tesla puts a lot more chargers at a given location.
  16. Tesla fires whole Supercharger team [Update: Musk says supercharger growth will continue]

    V2 stations max out at 150kw and aggressively share power, reducing output substantially with multiple users. Even if the communications side could be addressed, the V2s are really not up to the demands of modern EVs. It's been 5 years since the first V3s went online. Tesla upgraded a number of...
  17. Tesla fires whole Supercharger team [Update: Musk says supercharger growth will continue]

    The repair techs were fired. https://futurism.com/the-byte/supercharger-maintenance-workers-network-disrepair
  18. Just did my semi-annual "drop spare, air to 44psi, and wash"

    When I have needed, I've just tossed my pancake compressor into the bed. The glory of outlets!
  19. Just did my semi-annual "drop spare, air to 44psi, and wash"

    Ooh la la, you’ve got the flex of a locking spare. Most of us got shorted a lock. 😜
  20. BlueCruise priced at $700 per year on 2024 models .......

    The price cuts came from somewhere. Ford did nip and tuck all over the place. Blue Cruise subscription length was one of the areas. 80A AC charging is another. There are a bunch of over little things that were included on my Early-2023 Lariat ER that are now additional cost options. I am fine...