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  1. Ford NACS to CCS1 Tesla Adapter Arrived Today. First Supercharger Experience

    These two should have bought a Mach E. Read your owners manual! Do your research before you buy!
  2. Ford Cancels Model E Program, Letting All US Dealers Sell EVs

    Ford going to refund the millions of dollars to early dealerships that bought into being able to sell EV’s?
  3. Tesla Adapter overview from Tom

    It’s all a wash, we are on a downhill turn in society!
  4. Pics of Lightning Trucks Doing Truck Things. Got Any? 📸

    Here is probably what the minority of trucks do: sit 22.5 hours of the day, some at home and some at work. Dang birds 😬 lol.
  5. FordPass Update 5.0.0 -- Complete Redesign [5.0.3] bug-fix

    Ford thank you! This should have been released few years ago. Stop holding back!
  6. Pricing Lowered for 2024 Lightning! (Effective April 5, 2024)

    Lower prices sometimes probably leads to more sales. Keep it up Ford. LOL!
  7. Tesla starting to rehire supercharger folk

    One word reason….”Loser!” And he is asking for $50+ billion?!
  8. What do you call / name your Lightning?

    Good one. LOL!
  9. Tesla fires whole Supercharger team [Update: Musk says supercharger growth will continue]

    Guess Elon will be driving nationwide with a little van repairing and up keeping the network, what a good leader, not! lol. Get hot, there is a need out there! Note: just being facetious, as I know the repair tech weren’t the ones that got fired.
  10. Tesla fires whole Supercharger team [Update: Musk says supercharger growth will continue]

    It’s all fun and games, until people’s livelihood are at stake?! Is no one safe under the leadership of Musk? $25k car, 10% staff, Supercharging, Gigapress, etc. all “Canned.” No wonder top execs leave for other work.
  11. 2023 Lightning - No Power to Interior - Battery OK

    Ford Service needs to hire some computer engineers. ICE cars for the past twenty years have a computer hooked up and it will tell the tech exactly what is wrong and what to repair or replace. Not so with the Lightning evidently?! Read so many horror stories about numerous visits to dealership...
  12. BlueCruise Under Investigation

    Well BlueCruze, FSD or nothing it doesn’t matter as distracted driving is more than that. Passed three people with their eyes and head down the whole time I passed them on my 6 mile drive home from work today. That’s three potential head on accidents waiting to happen with the drivers thinking...
  13. 🙋‍♂️ What Did You Do To Your Lightning Today?

    Charged it up to 80%.
  14. Remote start using key fob?

    Yes Ford, improve the App and onboard infotainment system, it’s so far behind Tesla.
  15. How-to: Remote Start from the OEM Key Fob!! (NO FORDPASS)

    Need to figure out how to get rid of the Fob all together. Don’t have phone as a key and it stinks compared to Tesla. Just get in and go. Unlock the doors and start it up just by proximity. Now that would be useful. Truck recognizes my fob and starts up if programmed to do so. BLUF: don’t...
  16. Tips for a new Lightning owner?

    Man, stand corrected. I must have got a basic XLT lol. Don’t have any of that. 😞 And sorry for the confusion, main point was Tesla gives you it all (Infotainment) with all models, all trims. Ford seams to timeshare the tech on how much we are willing to spend. One example, we paid $500 for our...
  17. Tips for a new Lightning owner?

    Yes read on some post here guy was doing a lot of highway miles and as result his lower bumper had big chips and dents that were showing the under coat paint?!
  18. Tips for a new Lightning owner?

    If you want all the bells and whistles get the highest trim you can afford! As Ford gives you nothing with the Pro but four tires and two EV motors, and then as you go up in trim you get more features and electronic tech. Asked the guy at the Ford dealership who sold me the Lightning, “what’s...
  19. 🙋‍♂️ What Did You Do To Your Lightning Today?

    Going to drive it, lol. Thinking of putting in Lamb seat covers but the price is high. $1,600 for complete set. Still pondering the purchase.