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  1. Tesla Supercharger Adaptor

    Hi Johnathan, We have received your email less than 24 hours ago and we are usually very responsive, but with the demand we currently have, it may take a few more hours than usual. An email reply has been sent to you and hopefully, we can help you, sort this out and make you happy. Thank you.
  2. Any problems at Tesla Supercharger with A2Z?

    Hi there, Indeed, tolerances have been slightly adjusted and every adapter is tested with one of the multiple V3 Supercharger cables. Thank you for trusting us!
  3. Tesla Supercharger Adaptor

    Hi Johnathan, Regarding the foam, we have taken down your recommendation. The smell is not the burnt electrical smell, it comes from the UL94 flame-retardant nylon 66 external casing and the full insulation inside of the adapter. To be fair, we have delivered more then 15,000 of these adapters...
  4. Received A2Z NACS Typhoon adapter. Possible contact misalignment?

    Hi there, We want to assure you that DC pins misalignment is very much not likely. I will try to help as much as possible and explain what one of our engineer explained to me. I have took an adapter after reading your concern and it's an illusion. The CCS1 part is molded, the DC pin hole has...
  5. Charge fault with Tesla Destination chargers

    Hi, Could you please give us a call? We can actually help you and find a solution. 1-844-229-3873. Thank you.
  6. Best adapter for Tesla super charger

    Hi there, Your order will be picked up today, we apologize for the delay - we were waiting on Tesla to J1772 adapters to arrive at our facility since we were out of stock since this weekend. Thank you.
  7. A2Z Tesla and Charge Fault

    Our CEO personally reached to Mr. Brian tonight. We have offered him a replacement unit and explained everything regarding safety mechanisms, locking mechanism and such. We were not given the chance to troubleshoot this issue with him, but most likely the bottom lock was not properly engaged...
  8. A2Z Tesla and Charge Fault

    Hi, Customer is returning calls right now as they were saturated earlier. Thank you.
  9. Received A2Z NACS to CCS adapter

    Hey Charles, We don’t think you ordered from us, all orders up to the 17th of March have been shipped today. We are now doing the 18th to the 25th of March orders. Let us know if you ordered from A2Z EV, we’ll take a look at it, otherwise it is not us.
  10. Received A2Z NACS to CCS adapter

    Call us or send us an email! We have a customer service and actual techs to help you troubleshoot on the spot through Facetime or Google meet. We will send you a private message right now. Thank you.
  11. I got it 🙌 [A2Z adapter], have you?

    This is the first time we see this in 8 years of activities. The best thing to do is to make a complaint towards UPS if you have the time to do so. Some drivers are clearly doing their job wrong.
  12. I got it 🙌 [A2Z adapter], have you?

    Mike, please send us a private message with your order number. Thanks!
  13. I got it 🙌 [A2Z adapter], have you?

    Woah!!! This is not acceptable, we will investigate on our side to ensure this never happens again. Could you please send us your order number through private message? Thank you.
  14. A2Z NACS adaptor review by State of Charge

    This IPX test chamber that we own allows us to test the IPX and rate it according to international standards and procedures. The adapter will not involve any changes, only websites description.
  15. A2Z NACS adaptor review by State of Charge

    knowing the A2Z NACS to CCS1 adapter is fully insulated from the inside with organosilicon and seals all around the the pins, we are reviewing our rating and will make modifications to the website's description in the next few hours.
  16. A2Z EV Responses

    Thank you everyone for your kind messages. Honestly, seeing such support puts tears in our eyes as we see that our efforts are paying off in terms of loyalty and positive comments. Our North American division is not huge in terms of employees. Our own manufacture in China counts over 100...
  17. A2Z EV Responses

    Hi, We apologize if we missed some calls, emails or chats. We are OVERWHELMED at the moment, literally slammed. Please send us a private message with your order number and phone number, someone will call you this evening. Thank you.
  18. Received A2Z EV (NACS to CCS) adapter today

    Hi there, We ran into some small delays as all adapters are inspected and tested in Canada after the QC in China to ensure safety and reliability. All orders up to the 15th of March will depart next week maximum. Thanks.
  19. NACS Adapter Now Available + Ford EV Owners Can Now Charge on Tesla Superchargers in U.S., Canada! 🙌

    Hi there, As shown on the website it takes about 10-15 business days for an order to ship as the volume of orders is extremely important. That being said, orders from the 1st of March to the 5th of March will leave starting this next monday. You will get receive tracking number by email...
  20. A2Z Tesla and Charge Fault

    The issue was resolved after a call with Barbariansuperdad, it was resolved by using the Tesla app instead. Seems like the Ford app isn't always working properly or it needs further setup. Thank you.