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  1. No climate controls on Fordpass app

    My FordPass app was going bad with SOC, always show the vehicle is on and location. Now the climate control not working. It said too many attempt and I need to drive it to fix the issue.
  2. 2023 Ford F150 Lightning Lariat - Parking Sensors

    From what I know if you go to different dealer then each dealer will start from the beginning to diagnose the problem. They will not start from where the previous dealer took off. I got the front parking sensor replaced and it’s now functioning however I did received the sensor block error pop...
  3. FordPass won’t show current charge level

    Something definitely wrong in the past couple of days. The ford apps not updating with the latest information except for when you first turn on the vehicle. Mine showing the truck is on with same SOC I initially start with and the vehicle location still at same spot despite driving over 20...
  4. safe to lock keys in the truck and use keypad for reentry?

    I installed a center console vault and leave my fob inside an aluminum faraday case. The PAAK works great, never had to use backup keypad to get in or retrieve the fob to start the vehicle. Some people have issue with leaving fob inside the center console vault for some reason but I think it’s...
  5. Help me find a car! Huge discount wanted

    Very possible a few months back not sure about now…
  6. Lack of OTA Updates...Am I the Only One?

    Yes this is definitely constantly on my mind as well. Trying to fight the urge.
  7. Lack of OTA Updates...Am I the Only One?

    Gave up and try to stop caring for the OTA. It will only frustrate you more. As long as I can drive and charge the vehicle just fine Ill take that as a win.
  8. Front sensor blocked

    Got the vehicle back today and it appear the issue is fixed. I now get the normal parking warning when approaching an object like it supposed to. I guess the issue for my case is in fact a bad sensor.
  9. Front sensor blocked

    believe I read this before but supposedly I have one bad sensor that is throwing the system off and giving the sensor error. Sensor part is being body colored painted and replace. Will update if that help resolve the issue or not for those unfortunate to not get it fix by software update.
  10. Lack of OTA Updates...Am I the Only One?

    Haven’t receive OTA for just over a month now. Currently stuck on 6.1
  11. Installing front camera washer on ‘23

    Yea I think it’s pretty dumb considering the parts cheap @BennyTheBeaver added it to his pro so it’s definitely doable. Can’t believe they removed it from Platinum that’s very cheap of Ford.
  12. Nacs ccs conversion?

    Would only consider this if it’s offered by ford at a reasonable price. Definitely would not do an aftermarket add on for this type of things.
  13. Lightning vs. Mach-E by Owner (of Both)

    My personal opinion and everyone I’ve asked that sat in my Mach E and Lightning agreed Lightning > Mach E overall.
  14. Bluecruise tried to kill me!

    Had similar issue but mine turned right (on Mach e). Same as you I had my hand on steering wheel and quickly correct it. If I was hands free might not have been fast enough reflex to correct it. Only taking hands off for short period of time like opening up drinks etc.
  15. Front sensor blocked

    This notice look Like it’s sent in January 2024. Don’t think it work for some, I still have issue even after the update applied at the dealership about three weeks ago.
  16. Preconditioning

    Didn’t show beta just show new fordpass V5.0.0
  17. Preconditioning

    Hello, using new FordPass interface and today is Thursday however the next departure is showing Wednesday. I checked my departure schedule and I have it setup for entire week including tomorrow Friday. Today departure preconditioning and cabin warmer didn’t start. not too big of a concern now...
  18. Pennsylvania business LVL 2 EVSE incentive?

    Thank you, I would appreciated very much