2021 F-150 Raptor Will Be SuperCrew (4-Doors) Only, According to VIN Decoder

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An interesting piece of info we can glean from the 2021 F150 VIN decoder is that the 14th gen 2021 Raptor may no longer be offered in a SuperCab model and only come in the far more popular four-door SuperCrew configuration, as only the SuperCrew-Raptor is listed (while the regular model lists all the different configurations). The SuperCab Raptor likely won’t be missed by many however, as the SuperCrew F150 and Raptor are much more popular.

The presence of the SuperCrew Raptor on the “2021 Ford F-150” VIN sheet also indicates that it will launch as a 2021 model year – at the same time as the regular F150, and unlike the 13th gen Raptor which didn’t launch until two years after the regular F150 lineup.

From our preview look thread, here’s an early look at the 2021 F-150 (14th generation) should resemble.