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  1. Did 600 miles towing an Airstream turn my Extended Range into a Standard Range?!

    I've been lurking on this Forum for over a year and I have learned a ton. Thank you to all of the folks who share their knowledge and experiences. I owe the fact that I have a Lightning to this forum. I live in PA and put my reservation in for the Lightning like everyone else. Then I waited...
  2. Enable the ability to use Ford Navigation keyboard on screen while in motion (Disabled by default)

    Ever wondered if you or a passenger wants to input the address while driving on the Ford Navigation screen but turns out you can't as Ford locked you out while the vehicle is in motion? Well thanks to @Livnitup, we finally can enable this feature! By using FORScan, you can enable this by...
  3. Navigation issue

    When my Navi screen is on and I am not actively using it for guidance, it often shows an address in the upper left hand corner, maybe as a suggestion of where I might want to go? The address it most frequently shows is nowhere that I have ever entered, just someplace I parked while working at a...
  4. Connected Sync 4 Navigation monthly cost?

    Does anyone that only had the 90 day trial of connected services know of the monthly cost to keep it after the trial? I didn't get the 3 year trial with my 501a, only the 90 day one. I like how Ford stepped up their navigation with Sync 4, if its cheap enough I will keep, but if its $10 a month...