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My Lightning Pro SR road trip


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Apr 12, 2022
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St. Louis
2022 Lightning Pro, 6/3 blend date
Thought I’d share my results since I haven’t seen a lot of Pro road trip logs.

St. Louis to Cincinnati round trip. Roughly 800 miles total.

Pro SR with Max Tow, TT, and a Tyger Auto trifold tonnea.

Trip out: three charging stops at EA stations in Effingham, Terre haute, Indianapolis. Departed with 80% battery. Max charge rates at about 110kw, no issues at all. With cruise control set to 70 into prevailing headwinds, averaged 2 mi/kw

Trip back: didn’t have access to L2 so I tried a EVgo 50kw charger to get me from Cincinnati to Indy. Wouldn’t pull more than 33kw, took forever. Charged to 130 miles range for my 112 mile trip. Arrived in Indy no problem.

EA charger in Indy has issues so I switched to next stall, on a 150kw charger I pulled as high as 140kw from a 10% charge to 80%. Guy in a rivian and I chatted the whole time.

trip back averaged 2.3 mi/kw with tailwind.

overall, really painless experience. As long as your route has plenty of 150kw chargers, I think the SR can do any trip without much extra burden on time. Most of my charge stops I’d reached my minimum level needed before I’d even finished getting coffee and using restrooms