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f-150 lightning

  1. TUG OF WAR: F-150 Lightning VERSUS 2022 Super Duty!

    In case you are wondering, this is how the F-150 Lightning does up against an ICE F-150 (5.0L V8) in a TUG OF WAR! They also did a tug of war against a 2022 Ford F-250 Diesel! Tug Of War! F-150 Lightning VS Diesel Super Duty!
  2. Tailgating Setups

    With football season upon us, I thought I would start a tailgating thread up for people to share their tailgating setups with their Lightning. I am very interested to see and hear about what others are doing with all that electricity at their fingertips. I have some ideas of my own but would...
  3. F-150 Lightning LED Ford Emblem Swap. Step by Step Installation DIY Video.

    Please give us a like and subscribe. We'll be doing more Lightning videos in the future.
  4. Minnesota Sold- Ford Charge Station Pro

    I received my Charge Station Pro on 6/21. It is available for sale. PM me.
  5. Smart VINCENT - Ford price protection and incentives view by dealer - are you going to leverage this feature ?

    Does anyone have experience having your Ford dealer pulling a Smart VINCENT for you when you pick up a Ford ? Would you be able to find out which incentives / rates are favorable between order date and pickup date ? Will it help to save $100 on the destination charge that recently increased ...
  6. Late Reservation (May 29, 0106 time stamp) Need Feedback Please

    This is by far the most informative and kind forum I have I come across. I have spent numerous hours researching and reading threads and comments. Thank you all for creating this wonderful community. A little bit about me: I am an active duty service member out of the Virginia area. I am...